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Chopin - Favourite Piano Works (CD)
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Chopin - Favourite Piano Works (CD)



Featuring: Nikita Magaloff, Peter Katin, Julius Katchen & Joseph Cooper.



Track Listing:
1. Polonaise No.3 In A Major Op. 40, No. 1 - Piano Ilana Vered
2. Mazurka No.23 In D Major Op.33, No. 2 - Piano Nikita Magaloff
3. Waltz No.1 In E Flat Major, Op.18 - Piano Peter Katin
4. Waltz No.11 In G Flat Major Op.70, No. 1 - Piano Peter Katin
5. Waltz No.6 In D Flat Major, Op.46, No. 1 - Piano Peter Katin
6. Waltz No.7 In C Sharp Minor, Op.64, No. 2 - Piano Peter Katin
7. Polonaise No.6 In A Flat Major, Op.53 - Piano Julius Katchen
8. Prelude No.15 In D Flat Major, Op.28 'Raindrops' - Piano Joseph Cooper
9. Nocturne No.2 In E Flat Major, Op.9 - Piano Joseph Cooper
10. Nocturne No. 15 in F minor, Op.55, No.1 - Piano Ilana Vered
11. Mazurka No.5 In B Flat Major, Op.27, No.1 - Piano Ilana Vered
12. Etude No.3 in E major Op.10 - Piano Ilana Vered
13. Fantasie Impromtu, Op.66 - Piano Ilana Vered



Released 1993 by Belart.